Baby's development during their first year

Baby’s development during their first year

Through various kinds of stimuli in the child’s environment help to develop a complex network of nerve fibers in the corpus callosum. Corpus callosum connects the child’s right and left hemisphere, and then coordinates the information provided to the child through their senses. The child learns first to perceive stimuli through vision and then interpret what it sees. Therefore it is important to develop and enable the child to understand what it sees. In the little baby is the sense of touch is the most comprehensive. Research shows that young children are unable to take in stimuli that are not related to their mental development. This is the core notion driving the design concepts behind Little Minds.

Little Minds products help you as a parent to give your child some of the stimuli that your baby needs for its continued development. The products are designed so that your baby will be curious to find colors and shapes that it is able to take in and play with.

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