Little Minds care about the world and the little people

Little Minds manufactures and sells organic baby clothes that engages sight, touch and hearing. The organic clothes are designed to best stimulate the baby in her emotional, motor and intellectual development, and to take advantage of the baby’s own natural curiosity. Our motto is to create children’s clothing that primarily cares for the little ones.

We are a knowledge based company and everything we design is based on research in the field.

Design for babies development level

The first two years of a baby’s life sees a development process unmatched elsewhere in the lifecycle. It is during this period when the baby will need the appropriate stimuli In order for the baby to reach its highest level of cognitive, motor pedagogicaly function. Parents provide the most critical stimuli but the baby’s environment plays an equally influential role. Psychologist and development biologist Jean Piaget is one of the great scientists who laid the foundations of modern pedagogicaly child education. His theories of learning have been applied worldwide. According to Piaget’s basic idea is that it is important to adjust the stimulus after the baby’s development level, to the baby in the best way to understand the knowledge.


We at Little Minds have taken note of this when we designed our clothes and products. We have simple shapes with straight lines and shapes that are built in steps and sewn on the clothing according to the baby’s motor development. Through playing with these shapes the baby’s sense of sight, vision, touch and hearing, will be engaged and prepped for future development.

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